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Things to consider when buying a new tire jack, including features, faq's and reviews of top products.

When choosing a tire jack, you obviously want something that works quickly, efficiently, and allows you to exude as little effort as possible, to lift your car. A hydraulic-system, or something which works on a hinge-based system, not only lifts cars higher, but does so with far less effort from you.

A car tire jack is something that every vehicle owner should invest in. Not only does it come in handy if you have a flat tire, but if your tire is leaking, you can easily patch it on the tire jack. Or, if you need to get under your car, to check parts, you can easily do so when you lift with the tire jack.


Tire jacks are used to lift your vehicle. In the event you have a flat tire, you simply place it under the base near your tire, and use the turn, or press-down dial, which will in turn lift your car, so you can access and remove the tire.

A tire jack isn’t simply for changing tires. If you hear a faint or strange noise from your car, a tire jack will allow you to easily access the vehicle from below. It will suspend and hold up your car, so you have full range of motion, and can easily see what you are doing, especially if you are working in darker conditions.

A tire jack should not only be durable, but should also be made of the highest quality aluminum or steel finish. You want something that will not rust because of rain or water. You also want a tire jack which is durable, made with refined materials, and one which is easy to use and access, no matter where or when you might have to use it.

Weight capacity is obviously something you have to consider when choosing a tire jack. It should be capable of lifting and holding a minimum of 2500 pounds. Even smaller sedans and compact cars will weigh at least 1500 pounds. So, you want something you know will not crack or break, when you are lying down below your car.

1. Torin Big Red Scissor Jack - The Highest Rated

A small size allows for compact storage when not in use. And, the stainless-steel finish can withstand rain, and other extreme weather conditions. It is easy to hoist, and place below your vehicle.

This tire jack features include:

  • Simple hoist mechanism, for smooth, hydraulic lifting.
  • Bright red design, makes it highly visible, if you are in dangerous roadside conditions.
  • A simple placement, allows you to quickly and easily adjust and lift your car, to change a tire.
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This system has a hydraulic spring-mechanism, for quick and easy lifting. It is 100% factory tested, for reliability and usability. A large base and saddle, also make it easy to use, with larger vehicles.


It is a manual system, which means you are going to have to do the pumping in order to lift your car when changing tires. And, it does have a weight capacity of about 3000 pounds. So, very large pickup trucks, or an SUV, might be cutting it close, if you have other items which are in the vehicle which you are lifting with the jack.

2. Torin Big Red Jack Stand - The Cheapest

With this kit, you will get two tire jacks. It has a simple stand base, it has a unique frame to ensure your car remains level, and the tower-base, is secure, and can carry heavier loads, for larger vehicles you are lifting.

The tire jack features:

  • A simple pump lift setting, for quick and easy use.
  • Up to 12-ton capacity (depending on the tire jacks chosen).
  • A single-piece, self-locking mechanism. So, you don’t have to worry about movement, or the vehicle shifting, when you are working on it.
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The tower base is sturdy and will not move when working on the car. It has a lock mechanism built-in, so that you don’t have to worry about damage or injury when working under your vehicle. A stainless-steel frame is sturdy, and can withstand harsh weather extremes.


Proper placement is extremely important. If it is not placed at the perfect height, and base, it will be difficult to properly raise the vehicle. It is also quite large. So, if you have a smaller car, or limited storage space in the trunk area, it is going to take up a great deal of space.

3. Pro Lift Jack - The Best Money Can Buy

This system has a hydraulic-pump system. It is easy to use, and it will require very little effort and energy from you when lifting the vehicle. The spring mechanism works quickly, so changing tires is effortless.

Features of this tire jack include:

  • A pump-hydraulic system. Simply push down the knob/lever, and it will do the lifting for you.
  • A large frame/base, is sturdy and won’t move when you are working in harsh conditions.
  • Higher lift, so you can see below the entire vehicle, if doing minor body work on the car.
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The jack works quickly and easily. It has a pump lever-system, which not only works on a hydraulic-base, but will lift your car with virtually no effort at all.


The system does require proper placement to ensure the best results in lifting and holding the vehicle. It is a costly lift, in comparison to some which do the same functions, for a much lower price. It won’t function if anything goes wrong with the hydraulic-lift, so like other electronic/advanced products, if one part fails, the entire tire jack is rendered useless when you need it.

4. Powerbilt Trolley Tire Jack - Quirky #1

The hydraulic-lift is extremely easy to use. It is on wheels, so you can easily transport it for use in a garage, or roadside. It also folds away for storage when it is not in use.

The features of this system include:

  • A pump-hydraulic lift. It moves up quickly, and can hold up heavier vehicles.
  • You can use this pump in either a roadside emergency, or in a garage setting.
  • It can withstand heavier weight, for larger vehicles, you are working below.
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The system works on an easy lift-style pump. The hydraulic-lift is seamless, and will pump up with a lock when the car is fully lifted. It has a 360-degree swivel, and built to exceed most weight capacities of traditional tire jacks.


It is a larger base, and is on wheels. So, storing it in a car is not as easy as a smaller, foldable tire jack system. It is also a multi-use tool, so it is not specifically intended for lifting cars. This might limit it in certain situations, or for use with different types of vehicles you want to lift using the tire jack system.

5. Pro Lift T - Quirky #2

This tire jack is made of a reinforced, stainless-steel body. It is durable, sturdy, locks into place, and it can withstand the different weather or heat-extremes you are going to be working in when using the tire jack.

Product features include:

  • A t-lock base. It locks when set up, so you don’t have to worry about your car falling.
  • It is made of stainless-steel. It will not rust, nor will it get damaged or dented easily.
  • It can hold heavier weight capacities, so vehicles weighing up to 3000 pounds, can easily be hoisted using this jack.
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The stainless-steel frame, and extra-wide base, make it easy to setup below your car, and easy to hoist when lifting it. You can use the tire jack with trucks, SUV, vans, sedans, or other vehicles, thanks to the high weight-capacity it can hold.


It is a little smaller than most tire jacks. So, the compact nature might make setting it up difficult for larger vehicles. It does carry up to 3000 pounds, but if you are hoisting vehicles with other heavy items in it, the tire jack might not be powerful enough for commercial-grade vehicles you are working under.


  1. Lock mechanism

    You want to make sure any tire jack you choose to purchase, will lock into place. You don’t want to run the risk of a car falling on you, or collapsing while you are changing a tire or below the car. So, choose something which hinges, or has a built-in lock mechanism, for optima safety, and to ensure your car will not get damaged or drop, when you have it elevated for any reason on the tire jack.

  2. Additional tools

    Many tire jacks come with kits. This not only allows you to remove lugs and bolts when changing tires, but it will also give you everything you need to do the job. Even small flashlights, or lubrication is available with certain tire jack kits. Look for those which have everything you need to lift, keep your care elevated, and obviously to do the quick maintenance when replacing a tire, or doing minor work below the car’s frame.

  3. Anodized finish

    Choose a tire jack which is finished. The stainless-steel, or all aluminum frame, should be reinforced. Not only are these systems more durable, they aren’t going to rust, or get jammed, when you need to use them most. So, choose something which is highly-enforced. Choose a system which is durable, and choose something which is covered with a protective coating, to prevent rust, or other damage, from extreme heat or weather conditions.

  4. Anti-slip

    When working in wet conditions, this is also a nice feature to look for when choosing a car tire jack. You don’t want your hands constantly slipping. So, look for something with rubber grip handles, or something that will not constantly slide or move, when you are attempting to remove and change a tire, or do other minor work below the vehicle.

  5. Hydraulic-system

    These are not only easier to pump when lifting your car, but also typically have a heavier weight capacity as well. So, they can handle heavier cars, and they are going to remain in place when you lift your car. These systems are seamless, and flow easily, allowing you to easily change a tire, or do work below your vehicle.


Do I need a tire jack?

It is a tool any vehicle owner should have. It is the best way to change a flat, or otherwise do minor work under your car, if you get stuck on the side of the road. It is essential as an emergency roadside assistance tool.

Can a tire jack hold my car up?

Yes, this is what they are designed for. But, you might also want to invest in one which can carry and hold heavier weight capacities. Just as a precautionary measure, choose something which can hold 3000 pounds or heavier.

Do all tire jacks function similarly?

For the most part, they also function in a lift-manner. But, some are manual, requiring you to twist a knob, others are hydraulic, where you simply push down on a lever. Some require you to attach a bolt and twist it, in order to lift your car. The lift mechanism is the same, but the manner in which you lift your car, will differ.

Should I purchase the most expensive tire jack?

You should purchase something that is highly rated, reviewed, and made by a reputable manufacturer. It doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars, but should be sturdy, and easy to use.

When will I use a tire jack?

From changing a tire, to lying down to look under the body of your vehicle, a tire jack is a helpful tool. You never know when an emergency might ensue, and a tire jack will allow you to easily get below your car, and perform minor repair or replacement jobs.

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