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Things to consider when buying a miter saw stand, including features, faq's and reviews of top products.

When performing work using your miter saw, a high-quality miter stand is going to make your job much easier. It is going to improve the cut, direction, and obviously the precision of the work you are performing. Whether it is a small DIY job of building a birdhouse, or a major commercial project you are completing for a client, you need precision and accuracy when using a miter saw. Your miter saw stand will help you achieve such accuracy.

A stand should not only be completely level on the ground, it should also provide you a solid base/foundation, from which you can work on. Further, it should be easy to open/close, store, and allow you to work precisely and quickly, with the miter saw brand you own, as well as any other tools you plan on using around the saw stand.


A miter saw stand is exactly what the name tells you it is. It is a stand you will use, when you are using your miter saw for cutting and sawing different items. When completing cutting work with your miter saw, safety is of top concern. With a saw stand, not only will you enhance the quality of your work, but also provide yourself a level, even area to work on, which is going to make things far safer when working quickly and with such sharp objects.

Who would use a miter saw stand? Commercial contractors, DIY project enthusiasts, tradespeople who work with miter saws regularly, are a few of the many people who would benefit from owning a stand. Regardless of what you are using the miter saw for, the proper stand is going to make your job much easier, your accuracy more precise, and the finish of the detailed work you are completing, much more efficient.

So, what exactly should you look for in the saw stand? How tall/short should it be? Does it have a solid base? Let’s take a look at some of the features, and common questions you may have, as it pertains to choosing the stand, which you are going to work on, based on the miter saw you own and operate.

1. Folding Miter Saw Stand PM-4000 Portamate - The Highest Rated

Portability, lightweight, and a 500-lb weight capacity. These are a few features of this miter saw stand users will appreciate. It is highly portable, and easy to fold when it is not in use, for storage needs.

Some features include:

  • A 500-lb weight capacity, so you can put more pressure, and do more work on the stand.
  • Fold-up storage, to minimize space when not in use.
  • Compatible 36’’ workstation area, gives you plenty of room to move and work with.
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  • Heavy-duty, contractor-grade, steel-enforced finish. It is durable, and well-made, for extreme durability.
  • It features 20’’ quick-attach mounts, so you can do more, with limited space.
  • It features a 10’ long support stand, so you can work on larger projects seamlessly.

It does not come fully assembled. So, you can’t use it right out of the box when you order it. You will have to attach a few of the support pieces, and you have to complete assembly of a few parts prior to use. It also weighs about 31 pounds, so it isn’t the lightest item in terms of the portability you desire when carrying it around.

2. Oasis Machinery T5000 Foldable Miter Saw Stand - The Cheapest

For under $50, you can find a miter saw stand, which will allow you to complete several projects. It is small, easy to transport, and it is also lighter in weight, so you can easily carry it to job sites.

Features of this saw stand include:

  • A low entry-price point, so even DIY enthusiasts can find a specialty tool they can afford.
  • Foldable legs have a pin-design, to lock when you need to store.
  • The tubular steel-frame is durable, and won’t dent or ding, if you are working in hectic areas.
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The miter saw stand is extremely portable, it is very light, and it is an affordable unit. In comparison to other saw stands, you will pay a much lower price, for a solid, sturdy, piece of equipment.


With a lower price, also comes lower quality. The steel material finish is not reinforced, so it is not as solidly built as a stainless-steel frame. It is also smaller than other miter saw stands, so you can’t work on some of the larger jobs, or you might also be limited when you are doing work in a commercial setting, and want to use this stand.

3. Dewalt DWX726 Rolling Miter Saw Stand - The Best Money Can Buy

A well-known brand name, sturdy design, and high-quality, reinforced finishes, are a few of the benefits you will appreciate in this miter saw stand.

Some of the features include:

  • A large, wider feeder system. It is going to allow you to do more, and work on larger projects which other saw stands possibly can’t handle.
  • It features a 3-stand, pneumatic-design, allowing you to adjust levels, based upon what you are working on.
  • It has wheels, which makes it easier to transport, if you are using the stand at various locations.
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The saw stand is well-made, and features adjustable height settings. Depending on what you are working on or the materials you are working with, you can simply adjust with the pressure system, to meet height needs.


It is the most expensive saw stands on the list. So, although you are going to receive high-quality material finish, you are also going to pay a higher price for it than other saw stands. The wheels do lock at the base, however this might still cause some movement when you are working in dangerous conditions, so you have to be careful when working.

4. Hitachi UU240F Heavy-Duty Portable Miter Saw Stand - Quirky #1

A slim profile, makes it very versatile and easy to transport. The stand is light in weight, and it is foldable when not in use. So, it doesn’t take much space, if you have limited storage for your tools.

The features of this stand include:

  • Portable design with wheels making it easy to transport.
  • Lockable wheel-base, so it won’t move while you are working with the saw and stand.
  • Accepts up to 12’’ sliding miter saws, so you can work with different brands and models.
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The stand is very compact. It is ideal if you are always on the go, and are always working on something new. It is easy to fold, easy to carry, and it is made by a top manufacturer, so you can rely on the quality you are getting.


It is smaller. With the compact size and ease of transport, also comes the limitation on the types of jobs you can do with this saw stand. It isn’t as large, and the 12’’ miter saw size limit, isn’t going to allow you to work with some of the larger, commercial grade tools you might own.

5. Milwaukee 48-08-0550 Miter Saw Stand - Quirky #2

A reputable brand name, solid steel finish, and the rubber base t-stand, will help keep this saw stand upright, and will limit motion, even when you apply heavy force or pressure for some projects you are working on.

Product features include:

  • A trusted name brand manufacturer, so you know you are getting quality construction.
  • Solid steel frame, is durable, and highly-portable.
  • Rubber base, helps keep it still while working with dangerous power tools.
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  • 9.5’’ worktop support base, allows you to work on various projects, with one saw stand.
  • A 550-lb weight capacity, is higher than most similar commercial-grade saw stands.
  • Durability, ease of use, and portability, are the leading factors you will appreciate with this saw stand.

There is no additional room for attachments, or working with other tools. It is a simple product, and this is why you are going to pay a lower price for it, than other saw stands. It also has a shorter/narrower work area, than competitor saw stands, which are similarly priced, and which have a few additional features which you are not going to receive, with this saw stand which is manufactured by Milwaukee.


  1. Portability

    Tradesmen, contractors, and other individuals in commercial jobs which use their miter saw frequently, and on different job sites, obviously have to have the stand with them as well. So, look for something that is easy to fold, store, carry, and transport. Also consider light in weight, so you aren’t lugging around huge items when visiting different job sites.

  2. Compatibility

    If you own a Mikita or a Dewalt miter saw, do you have to purchase a saw stand from the same manufacturer? It is not necessary, but it is possible you would choose to do so. Some saw stands are designed for use with specific saws, and there are generic options available as well. No matter which route you choose to go, make sure it will operate seamlessly with your miter saw.

  3. Versatility

    Can you use it with other saws or power tools? If you need to attach items, or work with other materials, can you do so? Make sure the stand you choose is not only versatile, but allows you to do more than one task at a time around it. Not only so you can work efficiently, but also so you aren’t mindlessly running around a job site, when you could have everything in one place.

  4. Capacity

    Some saw stands are capable of holding 500 pounds (plus). Make sure you know exactly what your miter saw stand is capable of, and what might be pushing it close to its limits. You don’t want to overdo it, but you also want something which is rugged and durable, for the jobs you will be using it to complete.

  5. Ease of Use

    You don’t want to look like you don’t know what you are doing in front of a client. So, why choose a saw stand which is very difficult to work with, or hard to open/close? Choose something simplistic in nature, and something that you can quickly access, when you need to work in a time-pressure situation.


What is a miter saw stand for?

It is used as a stand to work with your miter saw. Many are versatile, and allow you to work with other power tools and attachments on the saw stand as well.

How much are miter saw stands?

The make, brand name, model, height, weight-capacity, and other variables are going to dictate pricing. So, compare several saws stands prior to choosing one. Understand that the most expensive isn’t always the best, and lowest price isn’t always the worst. Simply do your research, and learn about product options before investing in one.

Will I use this often?

You probably know that you never know when you will need a specific tool. As a professional contractor, it is best to have the supplies you need, as opposed to not having them when you need them. The frequency of use will vary with each individual, but when you need the stand, it is nice to know you have it readily available for use.

Do I need it for smaller projects?

If you are simply doing DIY projects with your miter saw, you can possibly get away with any stand. But, the more specialized the tools, the greater the outcome of the work you are performing using those tools.

How tall are miter saw stands?

It depends. Every stand is a little different than the next, each has different features, and the configuration of each varies by make/model. Understand your personal needs prior to investing in one, and compare some of the top saw stands available, so you can find the perfect product for personal use, and to ensure you find the best deal, on a quality saw stand.

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