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Things to consider when buying a meat grinder, including features, faq's and reviews of top products.

Meat grinders are used to grind meat, so you can use it for different purposes. There are both manual and electric meat-grinders. Depending on upon speed, how much meat you want to grind, and the type of meat you are grinding, different grinders provide you with different setting options.

A meat grinder can be used by virtually anyone. Whether used in a commercial setting to grind high volumes of meat, or at home to grind meat to make a specific-dish, there are many uses, and benefits of owning a meat grinder.

With this in mind, there are certain products which are superior to others. Not only in the shape, and production, but also in the manner which you can grind the meat. From speed settings, to fineness or coarseness, and different thickness settings, each meat grinder has different features which set is apart from others.


As the name implies, a meat grinder is used to grind meat. You can grind pork, poultry, red-meat, and some even have settings for pasta-grinding. Depending on the dish you are preparing, there are varying settings you can choose from with most meat grinders. You can either choose coarse or fine settings, for thinner or thicker cuts.

You can also choose manual or electric meat grinders. Obviously, manual will require you physically grind by turning a crank, while electric grinders simply require you feed the meat, through the grinding tube.

Additionally, some meat grinders have different settings and features. You can choose the specific cut of meat on certain grinders, while others have a single setting, based upon the type of foods you are grinding. Some have pasta grinding capabilities, and some can even be used in bread-making.

Due to the various options which you can choose from, considering the amount of meat you grind, and how often you grind meat, it is important to understand the capabilities of different products, prior to choosing one for use at home, or in a commercial setting. Further, your price, the space you have available, and the amount of work you are willing to do, are all factors which will dictate which meat grinder is the best option for you to invest in.

1. Weston pro Series - The Highest Rated

As the name implies, this pro-series meat grinder can be used in commercial or home settings. It is electric, so grinds quickly, and you can choose from different settings, for coarse or finer meat when grinding.

Some features include:

  • Electric motor for fast grinding.
  • Offset head design for easy feeding.
  • You can grind nearly any cut/type of meat.
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It is an all stainless-steel grinding machine. This eliminates contamination, and keeps the moving parts running, for longer periods of time. The grinder also has different settings, for quicker use, and ease of clean-up after use.


It is very expensive. As a pro-series product, it is used in commercial kitchens, so you are going to pay a higher price for this. Additionally, the grinder is very large. So, if you do have limited space, it might occupy too much space on a small counter, requiring you to put it away after each use in the kitchen.

2. Kit aid pro - The Cheapest

This meat grinder is a 3-in-1 machine. You can grind meat, pasta, and use it for veggies as well. It is manual, so you push the meat at a slower pace, and can choose how coarse to grind the meat.

Some features include:

  • Grind meat, veggies, pasta, etc.
  • Manual grinding options.
  • Large feeder tray for larger quantities of meat.
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It is a highly affordable meat grinder. It is very easy to use, and requires little to no learning curve. It is also very compact, so you can leave it on the counter, without it taking up too much space in the kitchen.


It is a manual grinder. This means you are going to do the grinding, and have to continually turn the crank in order to see the results of your efforts. It is also compact, which means the feeder tray is small, which will take more time for you to grind larger amounts of meat at once.

3. American Eagle Commercial Grinder - The Best Money Can Buy

This commercial-grade meat grinder is fast, efficient, and can grind nearly any meat you feed through the stainless-steel feeder. A heavy-duty motor works quickly and efficiently when you are short on time.

Some features include:

  • The speed. It is a commercial-grade grinder, so works quickly than most other electric products.
  • It is efficient. It has a large feeding tray, so you can grind more meat, in less time.
  • You can grind any type of meat, including poultry and turkey. It can also feed veggies or pastas.
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The speed is highly efficient, in comparison to other electric grinders. A larger capacity means less feeding, and faster grinding. The all stainless-steel finish, is safe, cleaner, and will transmit less contamination in your kitchen.


This machine is highly expensive, and is intended for use in commercial settings. If using in the home, it will require plenty of care, and cleaning to maintain it. It is much higher in cost than other electric grinders, and the sheer size of the machine, will occupy a great deal of the counter space you have to work with, in smaller kitchen areas.

4. Homegeek electric grinder - Quirky #1

With electric motor-power, efficiency and speed are achieved with this meat grinder. An all stainless-steel frame, see-through feeder, and sausage attachments, are perfect for use in any kitchen.

Some features include:

  • A sausage feeder. You can make sausage links using the meat grinder
  • You can feed any type of meat through the stainless-steel electric grinder.
  • It has a powerful 1200-watt capacity, for fast grinding, and for more grinding in less time.
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This highly efficient meat grinder not only works quickly, but you can choose how fine or coarse you want to grind the meat. With the sausage maker attachment, you can do more, without investing more money into new kitchen appliances.


The feeder tray is quite small in comparison to the meat grinder itself. You can’t push as much meat through at once, as you can with larger machines. It is also stainless-steel, not see-through. So, you can’t keep an eye on the levels. It does not include as many attachment heads, so you are limited to only a couple different setting levels, when deciding on how fine or how coarse you want to grind different cuts of meat when using the grinder.

5. Aliskid manual grinder - Quirky #2

Although this is a manual grinder, it works quickly and efficiently. The ergonomic grip of the handle, allows you to turn the crank quickly. And, the see-through feeder trays, lets you keep an eye on production, if you are grinding by weight.

Some features include:

  • A see-through feeder, for faster, greater production.
  • An ergonomic-crank. You can easily grip and turn the crank with little effort.
  • A highly-efficient motor. It works quickly, and won’t overheat or jam when running different meats through the grinding mechanisms.
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The small meat grinder is very efficient. It does not take up too much room in the kitchen, and it will not overheat as is the case with some electric grinders. It is fast, simple to use, and you control the thickness or coarseness, of the meats you are grinding.


It does not grind as many meats as other meat grinders are capable of. So, if you are working on various dishes, you might find this grinder a bit limited. It is also a manual grinder, so you are going to do the physical labor in order to produce the fresh ground meat with this machine.


  1. Grind capacity

    This basically indicates how much meat you can push through the feeding tube at once. Obviously, manual versus electric will have an impact on this. But, the size of the feed tube, and speed at which you can grind meat, are also going to impact the capacity which can be placed into the meat grinder at any given time. Consider how much meat you want to grind at once, in order to determine which grinder is capable of handling that capacity.

  2. Speed

    The biggest difference here is typically manual versus electric. With manual grinders, you are doing the labor, so it will take longer to push through and grind. Further, thicker cuts of meat might require more than one passage through the grinder, which will require more time. With electric grinders, you simply feed the meat, and it does the work for you.

  3. Types of meat

    Not all meat grinders can grind poultry or turkey. Some can make pasta dishes. Consider what you want to use the grinder for, and the type of dishes you prepare, in order to choose the one which will function, in a manner you intend on using it for.

  4. Coarse versus fine.

    With most meat grinders you can also choose from 2-4 coarseness or fineness settings. Depending on what you will use the meat for, some dishes call for thicker or finer meat when it is ground. The level settings will dictate how you can use the meat you grind.

  5. Uses

    You can make pasta, use it for bread, or simply use it to grind meat. Of course, how much you are willing to spend, will dictate what the features/functions are for different grinders. So, keep this in mind when choosing one for use in your home.


How much can I grind?

The speed at which the grinder will grind meat depends on the type of grinder. An electric grinder can handle more, in less time. On the other hand, manual grinders won’t burn or wear as easily. The amount you can grind at once depends on the setting and type of meat you are grinding.

Should I purchase an expensive grinder?

If using in a commercial setting, you might want to do so. However, in the home, you can typically get away with a mid-range grinder, and make use of it for many years.

Should I wash it with every use?

For sanitation purposes, it is best for you to clean the meat grinder, and grinding parts, after every use. The simple fact that you are running raw meat through it, indicates that you are dealing with possible contamination and food-borne allergens. It is best to wash often, as directed in the owner manual of the product you purchase.

How long will it last?

If well cared for, and you choose a high-quality meat grinder, you can expect it to last for several years. The more you care for and maintain it, the longer it will work for use in the home.

Do I have to grind meat?

No. However, in some dishes, you should grind meat, for texture purposes. And, with some types of meat, which are grainier, it is typically easier to prepare if it is ground. So, although it likely will not make much of a difference in taste, the texture will suffer in certain dishes, if you do not grind the meat. It is best to do so when preparing recipes which require you to grind meat prior to cooking.

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