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Things to consider when buying a fishing wader, including features, faq's and reviews of top products.

If you are new to buying waders, you might not know exactly what you are looking for. Of high concern when choosing the fishing water, is the water depth you are going to be fishing in. This will impact buoyancy levels, and will obviously help in keeping you dry.

What are waders? They are basically rubber-fishing boots. They typically come up to your calves, or closer to the knees, or can even extend up to your chest. Depending on how deep the water you are fishing in is, you might want something that has interior coating or protection of some kind, as it is still possible for water to get in, and get your socks and feet all wet.


Again, waders are basically going to help you stay dry, when you are fishing. They are typically used by fly-fishermen, but they can be used in any type of fishing condition. Fresh, salt, or anything in between, if you want to keep dry, and maintain higher levels of comfort when you are on your feet for longer periods of time, waders can help.

Who might need waders? Anyone who fishes regularly, fishes in high-water conditions, or professional fishermen, might invest in several pairs. Even if you are a beginner or novice, and simply want to avoid getting your feet wet, you are greatly going to benefit from owning a high-quality pair or fishing waders.

They should be wide enough to give you wiggle room, but snug enough to help prevent water from seeping in through the sides. Especially if you are in waters which have tidal conditions, or where fish are jumping, and can cause water to land inside of your waders.

What exactly should you be looking for in a pair of fishing waders? Apart from quality of the material, fit, and the quality, there are a few features you want to consider, before you invest in a new pair of waders. So, let’s take a look at what these features are.

1. Compass 360 - The Highest Rated

If you need chest-high protection, then look no further. High-quality material finish, comfort, durability, and a lightweight finish, are a few of the benefits of choosing this pair of fishing waders.

Some of the features include:

  • Chest-high design, which you can fold down if you are in shallow water conditions.
  • Full-body protection, from higher tides, and difficult fishing conditions.
  • Straps, over the shoulder, to help keep them on, even when you are moving often.
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  • 4-ply nylon guards are attached, and there is a belt to help tighten/limit mobility.
  • A front chest storage compartment, for hooks or bait.
  • Fully water-resistant, so you are going to stay dry, no matter what conditions you are in.
  • Comfortable nylon finish is light, yet will help you stay warm and dry.

The double-taped booties are going to restrict your motion a bit. Although it is reinforced in order to ensure you do stay dry, in the high-water conditions, you are going to feel a bit cramped. If you need optimal mobility, this might limit or restrict you a bit, and will take some time for you to get used to the booties.

2. Hodgman - The Cheapest

It weighs 35% less than traditional all-rubber waders. With this in mind, it is also more comfortable, offers full-body protection, and is reinforced to keep you dry and fully mobile, in tough fishing conditions.

Some features of these waders include:

  • Optimal comfort, and a lighter weight, for high mobility.
  • Full-body design, which you can lower or raise depending on fishing conditions.
  • Less chafing than with rubber waders, especially if you are fishing in areas where water comes up high, up to chest-level.
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The waders are light. So, you do not have to worry about being weighed down, especially when you are struggling with a catch, or in high-tide conditions. They have a reinforced base, so water won’t seep in through the sides.


A tough nylon-shell, is a bit uncomfortable for some users. So, it might cause a bit of irritation. And, if you are not familiar with, or have never worn waders, you might not feel very comfortable the first time you put them on. Especially with full-body coverage, you are going to feel limitations in the ability to move, so it will require some time for you to get used to this.

3. Caddis - The Best Money Can Buy

A neoprene fish, not only means high-mobility levels, but optimal comfort. You are going to stay dry, you will remain cool, yet in colder conditions, you are also going to feel warmth with the thick material finish.

Product features of these waders include:

  • Ideal for colder weather climates, to help retain body heat.
  • Perfect up to the chest design, for full body protection in wet conditions.
  • Over-the shoulder straps, so they will stay in place, even if you are moving or wrestling with your catch.
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The design. It is going to allow for optimal mobility, ease of movement, and it is going to feel comfortable, even in conditions which are very cold (or hot). 3.5 mm thickness, also means the material won’t rip, tear, or sag, even with extensive use.


The material is a little different than a nylon or a polyester blend. So, if you have never worn or owned neoprene clothing or accessories, you might take some time to acclimate. Of course, it is a higher priced suit as well, so if you are on a tight budget, it is going to be on the higher price end.

4. Frog togs - Quirky #1

An inside security pocket, green-finish, and durable material. These are a few of the unique features you are sure to appreciate, from the very first time you wear these fishing waders when fishing.

Some of the features include:

  • A highly-visible green exterior. You can be seen, or camouflage with your surroundings if needed.
  • They are comfortable, the durable, yet thin material, will keep you dry.
  • It fits up to the chest. So, you will stay dry, even in high-water conditions.
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The waders are easy to put on, and they are going to keep you dry. The loose fit will also ensure higher levels of mobility, and will allow you to have a full range of motion, no matter what you are trying to reel in.


The h-back suspenders can easily get caught up or tangled. Although they are designed for higher comfort levels, this can also get in the way if you are not used to the design or fit. So, you might want to wear them around a bit, prior to going fishing, in order to ensure you are used to the fit, and can easily acclimate when moving.

5. Duck & fish - Quirky #2

A PVC finish, is similar to those of rubber boots. So, you know you are going to stay very dry, no matter what type of conditions, or how high the tides may get, regardless of where you are going to wear the waders when fishing.

The features include:

  • A full-body design. They come up to the chest, yet they allow for optimal mobility.
  • The over-the-shoulder straps will keep the waders in place.
  • A PVC exterior is durable, will keep you dry, and fits comfortably over your clothing.
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The waders are mobile. If you need to move freely, you can do so when wearing them. They come up to the chest as well, so you are going to remain dry, no matter how tough things get, or what type of conditions you encounter when fishing.


The PVC material does take some time to get used to. Especially in the full-body design. It is going to squeak, it is going to stick, and it is going to hinder movement for some individuals. If you aren’t used to them, it might be tough for you to acclimate to this new material finish, as opposed to a nylon or polyester base.


  1. Height

    You want something that will keep your feet dry. So, in some conditions, you might choose a calf-high or knee-high wader. If you are in areas where waters are turbulent, or in stormy/rainy conditions, you might choose a pair of waders which come up to your chest. This will help keep you dry, and ensure optimal comfort levels, when you are fishing for extended periods of time.

  2. Construction

    You might want to choose something that is fully insulated. This is going to help you retain warmth, if you are fishing in wet, soggy, or very cold regions. Thermal waders, and other warmth/heat retention features are available when choosing waders. Consider this when choosing a pair, for use in all fishing conditions.

  3. Breathable

    Polyester blends, nylon finishes, are typically materials used to design waders. No matter which material you choose, make sure it is breathable. Even in colder conditions, you want to maintain proper body temperatures, and ensure you are comfortable at all times when fishing.

  4. Waterproof

    Obviously, this is a feature to consider. You are using the waders for a reason, you want to stay dry. So, make sure they are fully waterproof, are going to keep your body and clothing dry, and are going to help you in maintaining proper body temperatures, regardless of the conditions you are fishing in.

  5. Technologies/Features

    Belts, hooks, cord locks, or even reinforced kneepads. These are a few of the many design features which manufacturers are adding in designing their waders. So, before you choose a pair, make sure they are comfortable, fit well, and have the features you desire, for high-comfort when fishing.


Why do I need waders?

It is not a piece of equipment you need. Rather, it is a body-suit which will keep you dry. It will help you stay dry, and allow you to fish in deeper, higher-water conditions. For professional fishermen, it might be a necessary investment.

How much are waders?

The size, the material, features, interior design, and of course material finish, will all determine the price you are going to pay. Obviously, the well-known manufacturers will charge more, so know that you are going to pay a premium price, if you choose to buy waders from more recognized brand names in fishing gear and clothing.

What material should I choose?

Again, quality is key. Go with something breathable and warm. A nylon or polyester finish, are often good choices. They help retain heat when it gets cold, they are water-resistant, and they are going to keep you comfortable, no matter what type of conditions you are fishing in. Ultimately, comfort and durability are features to consider when choosing a pair of waders to purchase.

How high should they be?

This depends where you’re fishing. High-waters or tides, might call for waders which are chest levels. Calmer waters, you might only need knee-high variety. Consider where you are fishing, the surrounding temperatures, and obviously the water conditions where you go fishing. All of these things are going to dictate how tall or high the waders should be. It will also dictate the material, how much warmth is necessary, and other variables, to help you choose a pair of waders you will use, and benefit from using.

Is brand name important?

It is going to mean higher-quality. So yes, if you want quality, and something that is going to last, you should consider investing in a quality, well-made pair of fishing waders. Of course, you can find discounts and great prices, if you are willing to shop around and compare, prior to choosing the pair you are going to purchase for use. So, take your time to compare, learn about the waders, how they are intended to be used, and if possible, purchase a pair from one of the top, well-known names, in fishing gear and equipment.

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