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Things to consider when buying a fireproof safe, including features, faq's and reviews of top products.

Just because a safe is fireproof, doesn’t mean it is indestructible. Nor does it mean an intruder (or even unwanted visitors – i.e. the kids or spouse) can’t get into it. So, how exactly do you go about choosing a fireproof safe? Who would benefit from owning one?

First and foremost, anyone would benefit from owning a fireproof safe. It is a safe, which will protect your belongings from intruders. And, it is fireproof. So, even in the event of this natural disaster, your safe, and the contents in it, would be secure.

Okay, now that you know what it is for, and who would want to buy one, let’s delve into what you should look for, and a little bit more information about choosing the right fireproof safe, to safeguard the most valuable items, which you want to keep private.


A fireproof safe is a fool-proof way to keep your belongings safe. Most of these safes have indestructible lock sets, and may rely on biometric, or fingerprint technology scanners. So, if you do not like the traditional lock and key, you can always go with a more advanced, high-tech version of the fireproof safe.

Like the name implies, it won’t be destructed in the event of a fire in the home. Soot, smoke, and fire-damage, won’t cause harm to documents, jewelry, or other material possessions you put inside of the safe, and store away for safekeeping.

Of course, not every fireproof safe is indestructible. And, not every one of these safes is going to use the same methods to protect your belongings. For these reasons, understanding the features, design, and level of security, are just a few of the many factors you should consider, in deciding upon which fireproof safe you are going to bring home. Before you buy a fireproof safe, you should consider the heat resistance. How much heat can it resist, and does it protect from soot, smoke, and other typical fire-damage? Can it protect against water damage? Some fireproof safes can do so, in the event a fire-alarm goes off in the event of a fire.

Let’s look at some of the important features you should look for, in order to ensure you are purchasing the highest quality product for your security needs.

1. Sentry Safe - The Highest Rated

This safe is both fire and waterproof. It not only protects from fire/smoke damage, but if a sprinkler system goes off, and you aren’t home, it will protect your belongings from possible water damage as well.

Some features include:

  • - Protection from water and fire damage.
  • - UL certified, advanced fire protection. Smoke, smog, and extreme heat resistance, are a few of the benefits of this safe.
  • - It uses a key lock system, which is also fireproof, and resistant from high flame, and heat levels.
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The safe is large, and can carry documents, money, or other possessions. It is heat-resistant, and will shield from water and fire damage. The rugged exterior won’t get damaged if dinged or hit on a hard surface.


The safe uses a lock and key system. If you lose it, you can’t access the contents of the safe. The interior is spacious, but for very large items, or if you are storing documents from several years, the safe interior storage space might be a little too tight for too many items, or for several years’ worth of belongings.

2. Sentry Safe Small - The Cheapest

On the lower-end of the price spectrum is this fire and waterproof safe from Sentry. It will protect from water damage if sprinklers go off, from fire, and extremely high heat conditions

Some features include:

  • - Easy lock and key system, allows for quick access of the belongings, and the key set is also heat resistant.
  • - An enclosed, stainless-steel finish, which is fireproof, and won’t get damaged in higher temperatures.
  • - An interior box which you can place papers, money, or small items, which is fire and waterproof.
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This is a compact storage system. So, if you are searching for the most affordable option when choosing a fireproof safe, this is it. And, you also get the benefit of it being waterproof, and having internal compartments for the items you want to store in the safe, for a low price.


The size. You are paying less for the product, but you are also going to receive far less storage space. The interior compartment space will only hold a few pages or documents, and a couple of small possessions that you would like to store away, and protect from threat of fire or water damage in the home.

3. Stack On Elite - The Best Money Can Buy

If you have the space, this is the ideal storage compartment for an office setting. You can protect documents, a large gun (if you own one), important files, or other material possessions in the twist-dial safe.

Some features include:

  • - Extra-large interior capacity. You can store plenty of items.
  • - It is fireproof, and is waterproof as well. Documents and important files are secure.
  • - A twist-dial system allows you to enter an access code, or store more than one, if more than one individual will use the safe.
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This safe is an elite, fire and waterproof safe. It is extremely large, ideal for an office setting. it is set on a combination code entry system. So, you can store one, or several combinations, based on the number of people who will access the safe contents.


It is extremely pricey. Additionally, you can set more than one access code. So, if you have many people who are going into and out of the safe, it can be hard to differentiate what belongs to each person, or who possibly has contents you don’t want to be seen by other individuals in the office.

4. Sentry Safe Chest - Quirky #1

Compact storage needs will fit into this tiny safe. It is ideal for a few small belongings, documents (such as tax returns), or even jewelry and other small possessions which you want secured and locked up.

Some features include:

  • - Full closing, fireproof and waterproof exterior.
  • - An interior, removable compartment tray, which is both water and fireproof.
  • - Key lock system, and the ability to set a backup code if you lose your key to gain access.
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The safe is small. If you want to transport it, or use it in more than one place, you can easily do so. It is also extremely affordable, and is guaranteed to protect from extremely hot temperatures, and water damage penetration, due to sprinkler systems going off.


The size is small for many items. If you plan on storing away several items, or larger items, they probably are not going to fit into the small interior, removable safe-tray. So, if you plan on storing larger items, or if you need to store plenty of information or secure data, this safe is a little compact, so is intended for at-home use.

5. Sentry Safe Touch - Quirky #2

Extra-large, extra-secure, and easy to enter and gain access to, with the touch of a button. The touchscreen storage box allows you to set fingerprint reading, so you can easily control who gains access to the safe.

Some features include:

  • - An extra-large interior storage chamber. You can store many possessions in the safe securely.
  • - It is ETL verified to protect memory cards, and other electronic belongings safely.
  • - It is water and fireproof. It is also heat-resistant, so the exterior touchscreen control, won’t get damaged in extreme heat conditions.
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The safe is small and compact, yet it has a larger interior storage space than most traditional safes of this price level. It is fire and waterproof, and has a touchscreen, for a more advanced, user-friendly experience.


The safe is a little pricey, especially for the storage space you are going to get for the price. Apart from this, there are problems with configuration of many fingerprint scanning technologies. So, if you have problems with the system, you might find yourself having a hard time getting into the safe, and removing the items you want to remove at any time.


  1. Protection

    Fireproof does not mean it will protect against all elements of a fire. If the fire-alarm goes off, sprinklers do to. Does your safe protect from water damage to an extent? And, does it protect soot, smoke, smog, flames, and all elements of the fire? Make sure you know what it can, and can’t safeguard against. This is the only way to ensure you purchase something that will protect your possessions, in the manner you intend it to.

  2. Size internally

    If you are storing jewelry, documents, important paper, money, and other possessions, you want a safe which allows you to compartmentalize. Look for something with dedicated compartments, or storage units, so you can allocate space to every item you want to store.

  3. Fingerprint/biometric

    For those who are always losing keys, or simply don’t find them reliable, fingerprint reader safes are also available for purchase. They will cost more, and typically are more high-tech in nature, but they are also a sure-fire way to ensure you, and only you, can get into the safe.

  4. Backup key/code

    In the event you lose a key, or forget a code, does your safe have a backup or reset mechanism? This will not only allow you to access the contents if you don’t remember your password, but will also allow you to access the safe if you lose the key (if you own a lock and key safe).

  5. Additional security

    Nearly any lock/key can be picked, by someone who knows what they are doing. So, if you have kids at home, and are storing dangerous items (such as a gun), is the safe guaranteed to be pick-proof? You want to know your family is safe, especially with younger kids at home. So, look for something which can’t be broken into.


How much are fireproof safes?

It really depends on features, size, levels of security, brand name, and other features/factors. You can find higher-quality safes, which will cost in excess of $300-400. On the lower end, you can find safes which will run $50-100, although they aren’t nearly as secure. So, it really depends on what you are looking for, quality, and other safety features.

Are they truly fireproof?

If they are made of the right material combination, yes. It is important to know you are getting a safe which is guaranteed, so you have to shop around prior to choosing one. In these cases, it is better to spend a little more, in order to ensure quality, and the actual level of security you desire.

Which lock should I choose?

You can buy a lock and key safe, biometric (fingerprint) scanner, or safes which use combinations/access codes. It is up to you, and the method you find most secure/easily accessible, when you need access to your safe.

What can I store?

Obviously, it is fireproof to safeguard against items which would be damaged in a fire. But, you can really store anything you want in the safe, as long as it fits in the compartment or storage area where you place the contents of your new safe.

Is it waterproof?

Some safes are. And, this is important if your home/apartment has a fire-alarm which sets sprinklers off, with even the slightest hint of smoke. You don’t want paper or pricey jewelry getting damaged from a flood. So, if you want this feature, it is something you are going to have to inquire about when choosing your safe, as an added level of security for your belongings in the safe.

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