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Things to consider when buying a down comforter, including features, faq's and reviews of top products.

A down comforter is not only comfortable, but can greatly improve your night’s sleep. The goose feather interior is soft, provides optimal warmth, and is much lighter than a traditional comforter. Further, the exterior material or finish of these comforters, is typically very soft, and can be used even by those who have certain allergies to other materials. The comforter features a light internal-feather base. It is easier to wash, care for, and it doesn’t require you to use protection guards on your mattress. You won’t feel as hot in warmer weather, yet in the colder temperatures, you are going to feel the extreme levels of warmth which the comforter can provide.

Filling, thread-count, and other factors will affect the quality of the down comforter. Therefore, before you buy, you should familiarize yourself with these terms, production, and how your down comforter is actually made and sewn. All of these factors will have an effect on overall quality and the comfort levels you will experience with your new comforter.


Most down comforters are filled with goose, or other light bird feathers. Because of this, they are generally light in weight. They are also easy to clean and care for. They won’t tear or otherwise damage, as is the case with certain cotton blends, or polyester blend comforters you can purchase for use on your mattress.

They come in all sizes, from full or twin, to a king sized mattress varieties. You can also choose different filling levels. So, consider how soft, or firm you want the comforter to be, in order to ensure you find the best fit for your needs, your bed, and your comfort levels when lying down to sleep at night.

The filling method can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. So, it is important to understand this, how the feathers are chosen and packed, and whether it is sealed or vacuumed, in order for your comforter to outlast others you’ve purchased in the past.

They are typically more expensive. Anyone who suffers allergies, or experiences weather extremes (hot to cold) at night, can greatly benefit from the comforter. However, they can be used in any bed, and in any home, if you simply desire optimal comfort when you lay down to bed.

1. Schilucheng - The Highest Rated

The down comforter is hypoallergenic, filled with goose feathers, and it is capable of being placed on either a king or a queen-sized bed.

Some features include:

  • Classic, goose fill interior for optimal comfort.
  • Thick exterior padding, for increased comfort at night.
  • Hypoallergenic helping reduces allergies and improve your comfort- levels at night.
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All goose filling is a benefit for those who seek out quality. You can use it on more than one bed and don’t have to spend more, because of a larger bed size. The hypoallergenic blend makes it safe for every allergy sufferers and helps improve the overall quality of sleep at night.


Fabrics tend to wear with the wash. So, if possible, you should either dry-clean or wash on a limited basis. The feathers also tend to soften or move with continual wash. So, over time, you are going to notice the comforter is not as sturdy and isn’t going to feel as soft when you lay down on it.

2. Linenspa - The Cheapest

If low price is what you seek, then look no further. This down comforter is large, soft, and for the price, you aren’t going to find many competing products which offer as much softness and depth when you lay down to sleep.

Some features include:

  • Easy fit, for any and all bed sizes.
  • Machine washable, so you don’t have to dry-clean.
  • Corner duvet tabs so it won’t move when you move in bed.
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It does have a soft exterior, plush finish. So, although it isn’t filled with goose feathers, it still is comfortable when lying down at night. You won’t feel extreme hot or cold either with this cover, as you would with other, thicker fabrics.


It is a microfiber fill. So, it is not very hot, but it also doesn’t retain its form as well as do the goose filled varieties. It isn’t as sturdy as other comforters either. It is not hypoallergenic as are goose filled comforters. You will pay a higher price, based on the size of your mattress, or if you want a different color for the size of the comforter you are ordering online.

3. Siberian Goose Filled - The Best Money Can Buy

Comfort and luxury at its finest. If you can set aside the budget for this comforter, it is well worth the investment you are going to make. It is large, plush, and extremely comfortable.

Some features include:

  • Siberian goose filled. The highest-quality blend, which won’t bend or get damaged with every wash.
  • Hypoallergenic blend, which is safe for even allergy sufferers to sleep with.
  • Extremely plush finish, for softness, and temperature balance at night.
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It is the thickest, most-plush comforter you can find. It is filled with the best goose-filled feather available. It is tightly packed, and external softness, is highly superior to other down comforters you will find online.


It is a very expensive comforter. And, obviously, for a queen or a king-sized down comforter, you are also going to pay a premium price for that new comforter. It should be dry-cleaned when possible. This will help retain the shape and quality. This is also going to result in higher cost to maintain your comforter, in addition to the high price tag you pay when ordering it online initially.

4. Beckham Hotel - Quirky #1

The 1500 thread-count comforter is comfortable. Filled with quality goose feathers, it won’t conform, or otherwise lose its shape, as is the case with cheaper comforters you’ve owned in the past.

Some features include:

  • Interior goose-down filling. Softer, more-plush, and easier to care for.
  • It is hypoallergenic. Even allergy sufferers can breathe easily at night.
  • 1500 thread-count, hotel quality comforter. It is well made and durable.
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In terms of the quality, you won’t find many comforters which are superior to this one. The Egyptian exterior finish, and high thread-count ensure comfort throughout, and durability. It comes in various sizes, for any bed, and you can choose from various colors, to match your room’s décor.


It is a pricey down comforter. Although you are going to receive higher quality, you are going to pay a steep price for it. It is also advised for you to dry-clean it when possible. So, you should avoid machine washing, as this can damage the interior, and the feather blend interior. For optimal durability and longevity, the comforter should not be washed frequently and should be cared for by professionals, which obviously costs more money to maintain.

5. Egyptian Bedding - Quirky #2

With a 90 oz filling, your new comforter is heavy, without weighing you down. All you are going to feel is the comfortable down, goose feather filling, and softest Egyptian fabric exterior, for optimal comfort.

Some features include:

  • Soft Egyptian fabric finish is comfortable and designed to last.
  • Lightweight 90 oz filling, so you won’t be weighed down at night.
  • You won’t feel the weather extremes (hot to cold).
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The fabric is possibly the softest you are going to find. And, for the price, you won’t find a California king-sized comforter, of similar quality. It comes in various colors, and you can also purchase it for smaller bed sizes.


The plush filling can move, or otherwise shift inside, which might cause the comforter to lose its shape over time. So, the more you use it, the more “worn” it is going to feel. It is best to dry-clean when possible, to avoid internal damage. Although you can machine wash, this might damage the interior goose filing. It might also cause the Egyptian cotton blend, to lose its form, and softness, with a continual wash (harsh, scented detergents).


  1. Filling

    When it comes to filling, the higher the number the better. Just like thread-count as it pertains to your sheets, the higher the number of the filling, the softer your down comforter is going to be. So, 1000 filling, would be inferior to 2000. This also means higher pricing, but if you simply seek comfort, the higher the number the better your down comforter.

  2. Feather Filling

    Go with goose feather filling for your down comforter. It is softer, it is more durable, and it will retain its shape better than other filling materials will. Although you can choose an inferior filling material, you are instantly going to feel a difference between the two comforters. Compact, sturdier, and softer are terms you will think of with a goose filled down comforter.

  3. Packing Method

    Loosely packed feathers aren’t as sturdy or durable as the vacuum or sealed variety. As with anything, the more effort that goes into designing and manufacturing, the greater the quality is going to be. The same goes with the new down comforter you are going to buy for your bed. So, keep this in mind when comparing top brands, and different comfort/softness levels.

  4. Hypollergenic

    Many of these down comforters are hypoallergenic. If you suffer from allergies, have trouble sleeping at night, or otherwise just want something comfortable which allows for deep, fresh feel, the down comforter is the way to go. But, look for those which are hypoallergenic if possible when you are ready to buy one.

  5. Exterior Weight

    Most down comforters are light; in fact, they are much lighter than polyester or traditional cotton blend comforters. But, the lower quality ones are denser. Therefore, when it comes to choosing your down comforter, pick one up, and see how light/heavy it is. The lighter it is, the more comfortable it will be, and the better the quality of the comforter you are purchasing.


What are down comforters for?

They can be filled with many fillers. However, traditional blends, are filled with goose feathers. If you are looking for the most durable, high-quality down comforter, this is something you shouldn’t compromise on. They do cost more, but they are also going to last longer, and are far more comfortable for you to sleep with at night.

As an allergy sufferer can I use them?

Yes, as a matter of fact, most are hypoallergenic. They are cleaner, safer to place in homes, and they don’t collect dirt or dust as do traditional comforters. So, you will breathe easy at night you will instantly notice the comfort levels are heightened, and if you are an allergy sufferer, you may find it is a bit easier to go to bed at night with a down comforter.

Is goose filled the best option?

Yes. If you do, the comforter is not only going to last longer but is going to afford you the many benefits you desire, by investing in one of these high-quality comforters. Most are filled with goose feathers or a combination blend. If possible, choose those which are only filled with goose feathers. They are more comfortable, and they are far superior in the quality and production as well.

Should I buy brand name?

You will pay more for a reputable brand name. But, you will also notice the difference in terms of quality in doing this. Just like any other consumer purchase you make, brand name reputation does matter. And, when it comes to your bedding, this is something you should consider investing in. Even if it does mean you are going to pay more, your new comforter will last for years to come.

What is 550 filled?

This basically refers to the amount and quality of feathers. The higher the number, the better.

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