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Things to consider when buying a dish rack, including features, faq's and reviews of top products.

The best dish rack isn’t necessarily the most expensive one. Nor is it the most high-quality, stainless-steel finish. Sometimes the price isn’t indicative of the quality you are going to receive. Rather, a dish rack needs to be functional for the space you are working in. It has to function with the dishes, cups, and cutlery you are going to place in it, when items are drying.

A dish rack is an item that any and every household should use, or at least consider using. If you wash dishes frequently throughout the day, the dish rack is a simple place to store them, to allow them to dry. Or, if you are going to reuse items throughout the day, you can keep them on the dish rack, rather than put them in the cabinets or drawers every time you need them.


Technology has changed so much that even dish racks are high-tech, and futuristic in nature and scope. They have separate compartments for cups and dishes. You can find some which have built-in wine rack holders, so you can let your wine glasses air dry. Some have stainless-steel frames, with quick-dry technologies at the base.

Regardless of how ornate you want the dish rack to look, or how much you want to set on it to dry, the main aspect you need to consider is the functionality. You want something which is solidly built, is made with high-quality material finishes, won’t break on you, and highly-usable in the kitchen. If the dish rack takes up an entire countertop, limiting your workspace, it really isn’t all that beneficial in the space.

So, when choosing a dish rack, it isn’t about how fancy it looks (although this may be one aspect you consider). Rather, you want a dish rack which is sturdy, isn’t going to break apart, and will conveniently store and dry the items you place in or on it.

Before you choose a dish rack based on the looks, or cool air-dry technologies, it is important to take the time to compare a few products.

1. Surpahs - The Highest Rated

This dish rack is foldable and easy to use. Simply place it directly over the sink after you wash your dishes, and they will quickly air-dry out. Once you are finished drying dishes, simply roll it up and store it away.

Some features include:

  • Individual stainless-steel plates. They don’t get mildew/mold, they are durable, and allow for quick drying.
  • You can place utensils over the rack to dry, after use as well.
  • You can place cups face down for quick drying.
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It is easy to use. Simply place it over your dish/sink mount, and you place the dishes right on top to dry out. No complex pieces, or having to put things together, in order to dry out the dishes you use.


It is a single mat system. So, there is no space for plates, or for the utensils you use. Although you can dry these items on the mat, it is most intended for drying cups or mugs after use. It is simple, and it is a little limited in the items you can actually dry on it.

2. Home Basics Bamboo Rack - The Cheapest

Perfect for drying plates after use. You have individual slots for plates, bowls, or other dishes. The bamboo is durable, and it is easy for you to store when not in use drying your dishes.

Some features include:

  • The construction is simple and all-natural.
  • Bamboo construction is durable, and won’t break like other weaker wood-grains.
  • The individual slots where you can dry plates, bowls, or other small items after use.
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The storage rack is rather compact. You can dry out several dishes at once, but it does not take up your entire counter space to do so. It is also all-natural, so the wood is clean, and is sturdy so it won’t break a short time after purchase.


With the lower price also comes the limitations on storage. First off, you only have drying space for plates and bowls. There is no compartment tray. The wood material can warp or mold over time. And, it requires a lot more time for the wood to dry off, as opposed to a stainless-steel, or other material finish, so you can’t store it away right after use.

3. Simple Human - The Best Money Can Buy

Compact storage, with various compartments. It is stainless-steel, has solid gripping feet, and it has a hanging overhead storage area, for your wine glasses.

Some features include:

  • Sections for bowls, plates, dishes, and other items used in the kitchen.
  • The hanging wine rack. Dry your wine glasses or other mugs quickly and easily.
  • Removable base, so you can easily clean it after use, and prior to storing it away.
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The compact system is small, yet powerful in nature. It is well made, is stainless-steel, and it has the hanging storage. It also has the individual compartments, so you can easily separate small and larger items when drying them.


It is very highly priced, in comparison to other similar dish racks you can purchase. It does have a hanging overhead storage, however it can only hold 2-6 wine glasses. So, if you need to hang mugs, or various glasses at once, it is not large enough for you to do so. It does take limited counter space, but also is limited in dish space for drying after wash.

4. 2 Tier Racks - Quirky #1

With two tiers, you have individual spaces for everything. Dishes, bowls, plates, mugs, and glasses, can easily be hung or placed for quick drying. It is twice as tall, so takes less counter space as well.

Some features include:

  • There is a front dispenser tray for ease of cleaning and drying after use.
  • Two tiers for storage. You can put more, and stack it, taking up less space on your counters.
  • It has individual storage for dishes, utensils, cups, and mugs. You can easily dry everything at the same time.
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Double the height means double the storage. This rack has individual compartments for putting dishes away. It is easy to fold away after use, so you do not have to leave it on the counters all day long.


It is taller than traditional dish racks. If you accidentally hit it when working in the kitchen, items can fall or break a little easier than is the case with a traditional dish rack. It is also higher in price than traditional dish racks, so you get a little more storage, but it is going to cost more to purchase.

5. Premium Racks - Quirky #2

With an individual slot for your cutting board, this rack is sturdy and affords you plenty of space to dry out your dishes. It is compact, it has individual areas for dishes and plates, and has a utensil tray as well.

Some features include:

  • Large & Individual slots for your plates or bowls to dry.
  • A utensil tray for spoons, forks, and other small items to dry.
  • Easy to remove bottom, to dispose of water after use.
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The dish rack is compact, so it won’t take up much counter space. It is stainless-steel, and it is fully customizable. You can move, or alter height, and storage sections, based upon what you are drying on the rack.


The bottom of the rack has plastic feet. This can get water caught in the bottom, making it harder to clean. It does fold for storage; however it is a little complex when folding away after use. It is also pricier than a traditional storage rack of a similar size, so for minimum additional drying space, you are going to pay a higher price for the dish rack.


  1. Compartment/storage space

    Dish racks today are highly complex and have various storage areas. One for knives and forks, an area to hang glasses, one to stand plates up to dry. Look for those which are compact, yet afford you as much room as necessary, in order to store the items you wash, and need to dry before you put them away in your cupboards or drawers.

  2. Hanging storage

    Hanging glass storage is a nice feature with many dish racks today. Similarly, to the overhead storage for wine glasses on a mini-bar, you can find dish racks which have attachable heads so you can hang your glasses to dry. This not only makes the dish rack smaller on the base, but also allows you to dry more, without needing additional space below.

  3. Material finish

    Yes, plastic is cheaper, but it also retains water, and can mold or start to have mildew develop if not properly cared for and cleaned. If you can opt for stainless-steel, or a metal frame, this is a little cleaner, and more-sanitary. There are plenty of rack options, and they are affordable if you know where to shop for these dish racks.

  4. Utensil holder

    Many dish racks also have designated storage areas for utensils. This is a nice feature so you do not have to place them on the dish rack board-bottom. The utensils can air dry, and they won’t get in the way or take up room for plate, bowl, or cup space when air drying items.

  5. Ease of cleanup

    Water will collect on the base of your dish rack. If possible, you should dump it at least once daily. So, look for dish rack bottoms which are easy to remove, dry, and wipe clean. This will not only ensure no bacterial build-up, and your dishes are clean, but also that you won’t see mildew deposits forming at the base of your dish rack, due to the sitting water on the bottom.


Which material should I buy?

Stainless-steel or metal are cleaner and more sanitary. Plastic are going to be cheaper. You can also go with a hybrid model. Of course, your budget will dictate your purchase decision, as will the care (how often you plan on cleaning it, upkeep, etc.). It is up to you, the space you have for the dish rack, and how well you plan on cleaning and maintaining it.

Should I pay more for hanging storage?

If you have limited counter-space, this is a great storage solution. It is taller, rather than wider. So, you can still air-dry glasses, without taking up additional counter space. And, the dish rack is neater, more compact, and easier to care for.

How do I stack the cups?

Every dish rack is set up differently. However, you should place items face-up. This will not only allow items to dry faster, but also prevent mildew from forming on the surfaces of your dish rack, and eventually getting onto your counter, or even the dishes you are putting on the dish rack to dry.

Is there a convertible rack?

Yes, with the competition today, many manufacturers are making items more high-tech, compact, and easier to use. So, if you don’t want to leave the dish rack on the counters overnight, or when not in use, you can easily fold them away to store.

Do I need compartments?

No. It depends on your personal storage needs. However, compartments for glasses, mugs, plates, and for the utensils, will make it far easier to dry items faster. It will also allow you to keep things neat when drying, and it will make your dish rack a lot easier to care for, clean, and store away, if you don’t want to leave it out when not in use.

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