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Things to consider when buying a bird cage cover, including things to consider, faq's and reviews of top products.

A bird cage cover is a product which can be used by any owner who wants to cover their bird’s cage at night or during the day. Covers can easily be zipped opened or closed, they allow you to block out light (elements) so your bird can relax or fall asleep easily, and they also help block out noise.

There are various forms of bird cage covers, and there are a number of material options you can choose from as an owner. Therefore, it is important to compare several covers, based upon the type of bird you own, the type of cage you have, and the protection/shield you want to provide, when placing it over your bird’s cage.


As the name would imply, the bird cage cover is used to cover your bird’s cage. Some are sealed onto the cage, which allows you to cover the cage tightly, and prevent any light from entering. Some have noise reduction capabilities, so if your bird is sensitive to noise and light, it can provide sufficient coverage from this as well.

Many covers have design features, such as a zipper. So, you can leave the cover on the entire day, and simply zipper it open or close it, when your bird is in the cage, and ready to go to sleep at night. The material should be something which is breathable, and won’t frighten your bird.

If your bird has never been in a covered cage, it might take them a while to get used to it. So, you might possibly choose to leave the cover half-way open/zipped, so they can transition from the different light/clearance levels.

Before choosing a bird cage cover, owners should consider several varieties, designs, and materials. Further, the colors, and open/close options, should also be taken into consideration. These are a few aspects to consider, prior to choosing a bird cage cover for your bird’s cage.

1. Prevue Hendryx Bird Cage Cover - The Highest Rated

This large black cover is ideal for a larger cage, or something like a two-story cage. It not only covers from top to bottom, but it can easily shield out any noise and provides full shielding from bright lights.

Some features of this cover include:

  • The dark-black color will completely eliminate light from entering the bird’s cage.
  • A longer design allows you to cover wider or taller cages easily.
  • A simplistic and light design/material, allows you to fold away the cover when it is not being used on your bird’s cage.
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The cover is large, and the cloth material is extremely breathable. So, your bird won’t feel trapped for air, and can easily shut their eyes to go to sleep at night, as all noise and light will be shielded out of their cage.


The larger cloth material is ideal for large cages, but not for smaller cages. It doesn’t have a zipper either. So, you are going to have to remove it several times a day, while your bird is awake or wants to fly in and out of the cage during the day.

2. Pony Dance Universial Birdcage Cover - The Cheapest

This universal bird cage cover can be placed over any cage. Whether the cage is round or rectangular/square, you can easily slip it over the cage, and remove it, while your bird is awake during the day.

The features of this cover include:

  • A universal design, so it can fit any cage shape and various sizes.
  • It is longer in length, so you can cover taller or wider cages easily.
  • A breathable material is one which won’t frighten your bird when you place the cover on their cage.
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  • The cover is a dark blue, so it will shield out light from the cage easily.
  • The material is light and breathable.
  • The cover is easily removed from the cage when it is not being used at night or while your bird is napping.

The material is cloth, so your bird can peck and possibly tear it over time. The cover does not have a zipper either. It is also a longer material, so if you have a smaller bird, or a small cage, the cover might be a bit too large to place over their cage.

3. OMEM Universal Bird Cage Cover - The Best Money Can Buy

Large, dark material, and light cloth material, are a few of the characteristics of this bird cage cover. It can easily fit larger cages, and it is ideal for square/rectangular, as well as for rounded bird cages you wish to cover.

The features include:

  • Light design. Makes it easy to put on and remove from the cage.
  • It is windproof, so helps block out wind.
  • It is a thicker material, so can also help in reducing noise levels.
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A light material base, easily allows you to remove this cover and put it on when your bird wants to sleep. It does feature a zipper, so you can keep it on during the course of the day. It is also windproof, so you can use this cover in an outdoor as well as an indoor setting for your bird’s cage.


This features a double fabric, double material exterior. It might be a bit warmer, so your bird will potentially feel trapped when the cage is covered up. The cover comes in two sizes, so it does not fit every cage (not a universal fit) as is the case with many other bird cage covers you can purchase online today.

4. CozzyCovers' Cage Cover Model 2424DT - Quirky #1

With a dome-top closure, this bird cage cover can easily fit most cage shapes and designs. The durable material won’t tear, even if your bird pecks at it extensively while they are getting used to the new cover.

The features of this cover include:

  • A dome-top. You can place it on rounded cages as well as other shapes.
  • The black color will blackout any light from seeping into your bird’s cage.
  • The zipper closure allows you to leave the cover on all day long.
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The cover is light, it features a universal fit, and it can fit onto smaller or larger cages easily. It is extremely durable, so you will pay a bit more in comparison to some of the other covers you can purchase of this size.


Higher quality fabric material, is more durable, but with this also comes a higher price tag so you will spend more for the cover. The cover is also loose-fitting. So, it is breathable, however it might fly off if you have the cage set up in an outdoor area, during a very windy/stormy day.

5. Prevue Pets' Good Night Bird Cage Cover - Quirky #2

The non-toxic, color fast material finish will completely blackout light. It will also keep your bird safe, in the event they do peck at the fabric while the cage is covered, so you don’t have to worry about dangerous/harmful toxins being used in the cover.

The features of this cover include:

  • Dark black color will block out light from entering the cage.
  • A heavier fabric will also help to reduce noise levels in the bird’s cage.
  • This cover can fit most extra-wide, or medium-height bird cages you have at home.
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The cover is light, so it is highly breathable for your bird to sleep with at night. It is also going to shield light from the cage, and can possibly help to reduce certain noise levels as well. If your bird is a light sleeper, this is a nice feature to consider when choosing a cover.


It is lighter in weight, which does not make it ideal for an outdoor setting. if you have your cage set up outdoors, this bird cage cover might be prone to fly off, or possibly get damaged by the elements/rain if you forget to remove it from the cage.


  1. Zipper

    With a built-in zipper, you can open and close the bird cage cover, without having to remove it from the cage. So, rather than taking off a heavy cover and placing it on the cage several times a day, you can simply leave the cover on.

    The zipper allows you to only open/close the cover half-way as well. So, if your bird likes to nap during the day, or likes a small amount of light entering the cage, you can allow for this, by only closing the zipper a portion of the way, rather than all the way down.

  2. Noise Reduction

    Just like blinds or shutters for your home, there are certain bird cage covers which have noise reduction capabilities as well. These are typically the thicker, cloth based covers, but there are many options for you to choose from in this category as well. If your bird is a light sleeper, or if they are startled easily, this might be a nice feature for you to look for when choosing a cover, so they won’t wake up with every little noise in the home.

  3. Darkness

    Like the noise reduction, some birds can’t sleep if there is any light in their cage at all. So, something similar to blackout curtains (for the home) can be chosen when purchasing the cover for your bird’s cage.

  4. Breathability

    You don’t want your bird to feel like they are trapped, so you should choose a cover which is breathable. A material which has a mesh-finish, or something with a zipper feature, will allow for your bird to breathe easily, even if the cover is fully closed.

  5. Durability

    Obviously, you don’t want something that will rip or tear with your bird pecking at it. When choosing a cover for their cage, consider the material, finish, and quality, to ensure it will last.


How much is a cover?

The size, design, features, material, and type of cover (for the type of cage you own) will dictate price. You want a quality cover, so it is best to compare a few options, prior to choosing one, to find the right fit for your bird’s cage.

Will the cover completely block out light?

It should, if it covers from above and has a zipper, or feature which you can completely shield light. There are also darker materials or fabrics, so consider this option for complete blackout or blocking of light.

What material should I choose?

When choosing a cover, you should look for durability, something that won’t tear easily, and something breathable. You want a material which your bird can peck at, and won’t tear. You also want something light, which is breathable, so airflow isn’t constricted when the cage is covered up.

Should I buy a cover with a zipper?

This is a nice feature if you want to keep the cover on all day. If you plan on doing so, this easily allows you to open and shut it, when your bird wants to sleep or nap during the day or at night.

Do I need a cover?

For some birds no, but others might be extremely light sleepers. If this is the case, the cover will shield out noise, light, and other possible distractions. This will not only allow your bird to fall asleep easily, but also to stay asleep. The cover can also help in cases where your bird is easily frightened, or you want to cover up the cage, in the event you have visitors who do not like birds/pets, so you can easily keep the bird quiet during these times.

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