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Things to consider when buying a bath pillow, including things to consider, faq's and reviews of top products.

When you do have the time to relax and take a bath, you want to get the most out of it. With a bath pillow, you can do just that. It contours your neck, and allows you to sit back, and truly get the most out of the bubbles, candles, bath bombs, and anything else you choose to place in the bathtub.

Of course, some bath pillows are better than others. Some provide more stability for your neck, to avoid neck pain when you get out of the bath. Others are made with plush material, and others have a memory foam interior for comfort.

Who can use a bath pillow? Anyone really. If you take baths often, it is a nice accessory to have. It will help you get the most out of your bath time, and it will allow you to relax a little more than you already are. If you are just getting into the bath, or haven’t taken a bath in years, you will want to compare several pillows prior to choosing one.


A bath pillow is intended exactly for that – to take a bath, while keeping your neck aligned. But, it is also going to provide optimal comfort when you are taking a bath. The plush or memory foam interior, is capable of helping you relax a little more, and truly alleviate the stresses of a long day at work, and dealing with your boss.

A bath pillow should be firm enough to keep your head aligned, and should also provide you with back support. You don’t want to sink into the tub too much, as this can cause discomfort, and it can also lead to pressure on the lower back. So, you want something which will keep you aligned, keep you erect, and help maintain your posture, while you are taking a bath.

There are dozens upon dozens of options you will find, with a quick online search, when you are shopping for a bath pillow. For this reason, it is important to compare several, so that you find the one which is ideal for you. Not only in design and comfort, but also to provide the support you need, when the time comes to sit back, and actually enjoy your bath.

Before you choose a bath pillow, there are some factors you should consider, and features you might want to look for. Consider some of these aspects, in order to find the right pillow, optimal comfort, and the right level of support for your back and neck.

1. Hampton Spa's Luxury Home Bath Pillow - The Highest Rated

It hugs the neck and shoulder area, to help you remain afloat in the tub. It helps with alignment as well, as it is going to keep your neck and spine where they are supposed to be, without dipping into the water, during your bath.

Some features of this pillow include:

  • Contour design, to relax your neck, head, and shoulders.
  • Warm mesh sides help maintain body-temperature in the bath.
  • 4’’ padding supports your neck and back, and provides optimal levels of comfort.
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It is a non-slip design. It has three different stages, which will allow you to place the pillow on different areas of the tub, depending on comfort you experience, without having to worry about it sliding or moving.


It has a large-suction cup design. Although this is going to keep the pillow in place, it might require you to adjust it every so often while you are in the bath as well. It can lead to neck cramping or it can cause shoulder and back pain, if you do not adjust your position, especially when you are taking a loner bath and plan on staying in the tub for longer periods of time.

2. Marvalure Premium Foam Bath Pillow - The Cheapest

For affordability, this is the only bath pillow you are going to want to consider. It does not get wet, so your pillow is not going to get cold. You place it on the side rest, so it does not get into the water causing you to dip when bathing.

Some features of this pillow include:

  • It does not lose its shape over time, and it does not get wet in the bath.
  • It does not have to be washed, simply wipe it after use.
  • No need for suction cups, as it does not go on the wall of your tub.
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The design is extremely simple in nature. Simply place it outside the tub, on the border of your tub, and lay your head back. It is small, the compact size fits ideally below your head, and it is highly affordable for those who want a cheaper pillow.


It is much cheaper than most other bath pillows you are going to find online. But, with the low price also comes quality issues. It doesn’t hold form, it is small, and it can cause cramping, especially when you are taking longer baths.

3. Viventive Luxury Bath Pillow - The Best Money Can Buy

If you want to experience spa-luxury, this is just what you are going to get with this pillow. It is pricier than others, but the quality, plush, memory foam, and durability, also trump the quality of cheaper pillows you can buy.

Some features include:

  • A non-slip, extra-thick design for comfort.
  • Easy to place, with suction-cups, so it will not move while you are in the tub.
  • A larger base is comfortable, and prevents neck and back pain.
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At 2’’ thick, it is larger and sturdier than others. It won’t cause neck pain, you won’t feel shoulder pain, and your body won’t dip into the tub. It is anti-bacterial, so you don’t have to worry about continually washing after every use.


The price. It is more than double the price you will pay for most other neck pillows for the bath. It is also a larger back, meaning it is going to go under your shoulders and your head. For those who want more limit to movement, or do not want to suffer from shoulder pain, if you are in the bath for too long, this pillow might cause tightness or tension.

4. RZA Non-Slip Bath Pillow - Quirky #1

With a square shape, this will go under your neck, head, and your shoulders. It will afford you more stability in the tub, and it is going to help with alignment issues if you suffer from neck or back pain.

Some features of this pillow include:

  • Excellent design that can be used in most tubs and hot tubs.
  • It has eight suction-cups. So, it is not going to move when you are in the bath.
  • It is waterproof. It can go into the water, and you simply have to dry after use.
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The design is going to give you a larger area to lay your head and neck down upon when in the bath. For those who like to turn their head on the side, this is a nice feature for added comfort in the tub.


The square shape is a bit large, and it is going to cause tension for some users. It doesn’t only fit behind the head, which means too much plush in certain areas, which can ultimately lead to neck pain, and possibly lower back pain, if you are in the bath for longer periods of time.

5. Top Notch Memory Foam Bath Pillow - Quirky #2

This is a luxury, memory foam neck pillow for use in the bath. It contours to your neck and to your shoulders. It is meant to help keep your neck in line, and prevent too much movement, when you are in the bath.

Some features of this model include:

  • Memory foam material, so it conforms to your neck and back.
  • It fits over your shoulders, to prevent you from dipping or sliding into the tub.
  • It has a wedge area for your hairclip, and to keep your hair in place for the ladies.
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The design features contoured specifications for any user. It has an 11’’ thickness, so you will feel high-comfort levels, and will notice a difference between this, and a thinner material bath pillow design.


It is not waterproof. This is possibly the biggest drawback if you are going to choose this pillow for use in a bath. It is a cloth material, so you do have to be very careful to avoid getting it wet. Also, after use, you will have to machine wash this, so it is far more work than the plastic variety options available, when you choose this bath pillow.


  1. Bounce

    You want something which is firm, but also allows you to dip your head into the pillow a bit. This is going to provide you with optimal levels of comfort, and it is going to help with tension relief and stress. It will also prevent you from getting a sore neck, or shoulders, when you are laying on the pillow for longer periods of time in the bath.

  2. Contour

    You might choose something which contours to your neck and shoulder area. This will not only help keep things aligned, it is also going to help prevent your neck from moving too much, which might cause injuries. It will not only keep you erect, it will also help you maintain higher levels of comfort, when you are taking a bath in the tub.

  3. Cling Plastic

    This is a newer design feature. Basically, it helps keep the pillow in place, so it does not fall or move from behind your head. It clings onto the side of the tub material, and helps you stay comfortable, without moving too much while in the bath.

  4. Panels

    Paneled support is also available with certain pillows. This is going to provide different layers or levels of support when you lay down in the bath.

  5. Memory Foam

    There is also the memory foam aspect you might want to look for. Like your bed-pillow, this will conform to your neck, spine, and head. It is going to fit your body, and it is going to help you remain aligned while in the bath. It will help with posture, and it is going to allow you to lay comfortably, for longer periods at a time in a bath.


How large are bath pillows?

They are usually much smaller than traditional pillows; they typically sit right behind your head in the bath, and are approximately that size. However, there are larger and smaller pillows you can purchase. So, compare a few to find the right one for you.

Do they provide neck support?

This is what the pillow is intended to do. It should keep your head aligned with your spine, so you do not sink or dip into the tub. It should provide high levels of comfort, without allowing you to compromise form and posture while you are seated in the bathtub for extended periods of time.

What are bath pillow made of?

The “cushion,” is usually a firm plastic. Since cotton or other feather fillers can’t be used, these pillows aren’t filled. Rather, they are firm on the outside, and made with the same material throughout, in order to avoid getting damaged in the water when you are taking a bath.

Do they contour?

You can purchase a bath pillow which will contour to your neck. This is similar to a memory foam pillow you would buy for your bed. They conform and contour around your neck and shoulders, for added comfort, and to help keep your head aligned.

How should the pillow be used?

It should be placed directly behind the head. This is to provide support, keep you straight, and ensure you do not slip into the tub, or otherwise injure your neck, when you are in the bath for more than 30-45 minutes at a time.

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