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Things to consider when buying a backpack sprayer, including features, faq's and reviews of top products.

A backpack garden sprayer will make your life so much easier when working outdoors. It is quick for spraying plants and trees, or if you are treating bugs/pest infestation, it is also highly efficient in saving pest-control products, and your time.

Of course, a backpack sprayer has to be well-made. It must be easy to hook onto your back, and should have a long enough extension, so you can reach the areas you are treating or servicing. If the extension wand isn’t long enough to reach higher tree limbs, it can hinder your ability to perform services.

These are a few of the factors you want to consider, in choosing a backpack sprayer for use, when working in an outdoor setting. Whether you perform general lawn and garden care, are an exterminator, or otherwise use this product, the right one is going to make your life much easier, when working outdoors.


Who will use a backpack sprayer? They are typically used by commercial service technicians, such as lawn and garden service companies, or exterminators. However, they can be used by homeowners as well. If you want to use the sprayer to spray your plants, or otherwise treat outdoor pests with poison control, you can do so yourself.

A backpack sprayer is easy to use. It has an attachment wand, which allows you to apply a consistent spray-flow of the product you are spraying. Whether that is pest-control products, poison, or even fertilizers or water, to treat and help plants grow, the sprayer allows you to work quickly and efficiently.

Many come in varying sizes, depending on what they are being used for. So, depending on what you will be spraying, the amount of spray you will place in the backpack container, and the type of work you are doing, there are several options which you can choose when investing in a new backpack sprayer.

The manner in which you wear them can also differ. Some provide padding for shoulder support, and back support, while others simply tie around your waist so they won’t fall while you are working quickly. Before investing in a new backpack sprayer, there are some features you should look for when you are ready to purchase one.

1. Field King - The Highest Rated

The no-leak pump design is more efficient and safer, when dealing with harsh chemical sprays. It allows you to adjust the sprayer-head speeds, for more efficient outdoor work, in larger outdoor projects you are working on.

The product features include:

  • No-leak sprayer head.
  • 21’’ poly-wand, is efficient, and can reach high and tight quarters where you are working.
  • A lockable shut-off system, for more efficient use, and to eliminate waste.
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The sprayer can be used on the back, or you can leave it on the ground/by your side when working. You can change pump seals in a matter of minutes, without the use of tools. You also get four nozzles with the sprayer.


The liquid container holder isn’t as large as other backpack sprayers. It is also a rounded-shape backpack, which might not be as comfortable, or easy to wear for longer periods of time, when you are working outdoors. The sprayer reach is shorter than other wands, so you might have a hard time reaching taller heights, or if you are working in higher areas, and need to apply the liquid spray high up when you are working outdoors.

2. Chapin 4-gallon - The Cheapest

With a 4-gallon capacity, this efficient sprayer is easy to use, and it is affordable. It has a lock-seal guard, so you do not waste liquid, or spray yourself with harsh chemicals when you aren’t directing the spray working outdoors.

This product features:

  • A 4-gallon capacity, for smaller jobs, and efficient working speeds.
  • Compatible with herbicides, food, fertilizers, and similar products.
  • A full-lined interior, allowing you to place different liquids inside the sprayer safely.
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It is very light in weight. If you are working on a larger job, or outdoor setting, you are not going to get weighed down. It is also a comfortable fit, as the square shape will line up directly with your back, so you do not have to worry about back pain.


It is a smaller gallon capacity than other sprayers. At 4-gallons, you are going to be limited, or constantly having to refill the sprayer, in order to finish larger jobs. The padded shoulder straps are also a bit bulky. So, if you are wearing it for a long time, it might get a bit heavy, or you might become hot when working under extremely hot weather settings.

3. Invatech - The Best Money Can Buy

If high-power, and fast speeds are what you desire, then look no further than this sprayer. It is large, it is comfortable, and it has various adjustment nozzle settings, for different jobs you are working on when outdoors.

The features of this backpack sprayer include:

  • Fogger, sprayer, and insecticide sprayer all in one. It is a multi-functional tool.
  • A 5.3 gallon-tank capacity is larger than competitors. A light motor will not weigh you down.
  • It is the only product which mists liquids, and spreads granular from the same backpack.
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It is quick, highly efficient, and it is a comfortable backpack. It has a power-motor, and a mister built-in. So, you can do more, and you can do so in a shorter amount of time when working outdoors.


It is a larger gallon-capacity. Although this means less refilling, it also makes the backpack sprayer a little bulkier than others. Add on the electric motor, and it is larger in size, making it difficult to work in tight spaces. This, along with the higher price, will make it a sprayer which will mostly be used by commercial, not residential customers shopping for this product.

4. Solo - Quirky #1

With a fully padded back, and shoulder area, it is not only more comfortable for users, but also lighter and more compact. This is going to allow you to move quickly, and spray larger areas, in less time when working outdoors.

Some of the features include:

  • Fully padded back and shoulders. It is more comfortable, for longer-term use.
  • It has a built-in, 2-gallon sprayer bottle. This makes it lighter and more efficient.
  • It has adjustable speed nozzle settings. So, you choose how much or little, and how fast to spray.
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This harness case is extremely comfortable. Even for those with backpain or other issues, you are not going to feel it. An extremely low price, is also a nice selling point, for this compact unit when choosing a backpack sprayer.


A much smaller gallon-capacity than competitor products. It only holds 2-gallons, so you will be refilling it often. If you are doing work in a smaller outdoor setting, it might suffice; but, for mid-sized to larger gardens, you will need to refill the tank several times, in order for you to complete the outdoor work you are going to be completing.

5. Jacto Sprayer - Quirky #2

A unique-back design, will fit on either side of your shoulders when you put this on. It will evenly distribute the weight, so you aren’t carrying everything around the center of your spine when working for extended periods.

Some of the features users will appreciate include:

  • Only 8 pumps to reach a 45 psi, meaning faster, more efficient outdoor service completion.
  • Full UV protection, so the tank won’t fade, or otherwise get damaged by the sun when working in hot conditions.
  • A reinforced, chemical-resistant hose, can use for nearly any spray/chemical/herbicide.
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  • The tank is evenly distributed. It will fit over both shoulders, and fully-padded lining, makes it comfortable for use.
  • Quick piston-release, makes your work easier, and much faster to complete.
  • Nozzle-locks, and quick-release triggers, allow you to work efficiently, and finish outdoor tasks in less time.

The tank is a much smaller capacity than similar products, in the same price range. It has a capacity of 3.1-gallons. It is guaranteed, but only for 1000 hours of use-life. So, if you use it often, or work in a commercial business and need the sprayer, you are going to have to replace it every few years.


  1. Comfort

    Yes, this should be a priority when you are purchasing a backpack sprayer. Namely because you are going to be using it for several hours at a time. Especially in doing commercial work, you might be working on various properties, lawns, or doing pest control services on a larger scale. If this is the case, you don’t want something that is constantly falling, getting in your way, or otherwise hindering you from working. So, consider the comfort, ease of use, and ease of placement on your back when choosing the backpack.

  2. Capacity

    Depending on the liquid you are spraying, there are different sized backpack sprayers you can choose. Compare several, and consider how much capacity of liquid you require, to complete any job, in order to choose the right product, for the jobs you will be using the sprayer for.

  3. Sprayer Head

    Not only do you want something with an extension so you can reach higher levels, but also something which allows for free-flow of pressure. You can adjust the pressure settings, amount of liquid which is released, and otherwise modify settings on the sprayer handle with a high-quality backpack sprayer.

  4. Material Finish

    The actual backpack compartment should be made of a solid, poly-based material, or high-quality, thick plastic material. It is important that you choose something that won’t break, is light enough to carry for several hours, and is durable.

  5. Hose End

    Can you attach a hose, or other head when using the sprayer? If you will use it for larger-scale jobs, this might be a feature you desire. Not only so you can complete work faster, but also use less spray, and make the most of your time working in any space.


What is a backpack sprayer for?

You can use it for lawn and garden care, pest control, or spraying your outdoor plants with water or blended foods. Depending on what you plan on using it for, you need a backpack which can hold sufficient liquid capacity, and the type of liquid you plan on placing in the compartment.

How large are backpack sprayers?

There are different sizes. Depending on the liquid capacity you need, the amount of liquid it can hold, is obviously going to differ based on which product you choose to purchase. So, make sure you consider capacity, in order to choose a sprayer which will allow you to complete jobs quickly.

How much liquid will it spray?

With most sprayers, you can often adjust settings. You can choose the jet-stream, speed, and amount of liquid/per second. So, read the user manual, so you can find a sprayer which will work in the manner you want it to, and at a speed you need when working outdoors.

Can I use it for residential work?

Yes. Although they are typically used by commercial service-technicians and professionals, you can use it for doing general lawn and garden care outside your home as well. Regardless of what you plan on using the sprayer for, you want a backpack which is comfortable, durable, and can withstand the liquids you plan on placing in it, when using the sprayer head.

How much do the backpack sprayers cost?

It depends. The size, the brands, the liquids you can place in it, the nozzle/sprayer features, are all factors which will affect the price you are going to pay for your new backpack sprayer. Also, you can order online, or often find them at bulk-discount pricing, if you are purchasing more than one. So, comparison shopping is a great way to find the best backpack sprayer, and not overpay for it.

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