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Things to consider when buying an automatic chicken coop door, including features, faq's and reviews of top products.

An auto-chicken coop door is perfect for those who have a chicken coop which needs tending. The auto-door function allows you to open and close the doors from different distances. It will also free your hands up, so you can bring more feed, collect more eggs, and otherwise tend to the chickens in the coop.

When choosing an auto coop door, you obviously need something that is quick, efficient, and is not going to break down on you. It is also important to choose a coop door which can function from varying distances, allows you to set alarms or timers, and affords you additional features, when deciding how to tend to your chickens.


As the name implies, an automatic chicken coop door will open and close automatically. Why would you need this? As a farmer, or if you tend to chickens in a coop, this is a great way to free your hands up. You can collect more eggs, you can efficiently care for the chickens, clean, and easily monitor what is going on around the coop. There are several systems available. Some will come with a camera-system, which will also allow you to see what is going on around the coop. So, in the event of a threat or some kind of danger to your chickens, you can quickly go outside, and avoid a major catastrophe.

They also function on a timer based system. You can set alarms, you can change the speeds of doors opening and closing. You can also set different timers or systems, based upon how often you go out to the chicken coop, and your daily monitoring needs.

Like anything else, automatic, and electronic-advancements, are going to make your life much easier. This even extends to those who work in a chicken coop. No matter what capacity you work at, how many chickens you tend to, or where the coop is located, an auto door opener is highly efficient and beneficial when you need to tend to the chicken coop.

1. Predator Guard - The Highest Rated

Operating on solar power, you never have to change batteries or worry about electric failure. With this auto door opener, not only can you modify the settings, but can quickly and easily transform your chicken coop.

Some features include:

  • It is small, compact, and can be set up virtually anywhere, as long as it is within range (view label).
  • It operates on solar power. So, you will never lose energy or worry about the system not functioning.
  • Ease of use. Single-button push systems allow anyone to quickly and easily set up this automatic system.
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It has a deterrent light. This will not only help scare away other animals, but it is also going to help prevent a major catastrophe in the coop. You can easily operate this system with the touch of a button.


You have to mount this system at eye level, in order to deter predators from coming into the coop. So, if there are threats from larger animals, you might have a hard time using this feature with the system. It also has limited functionality, and setting features, which isn’t as advanced as other automatic systems.

2. Titan Incubators - The Cheapest

If you want an affordable option, this is one to consider. This system allows you to set up different timers, keeps your chickens safe wherever you are, and will help prevent break-ins or potential threats from entering the coop.

Some features include:

  • It is suitable for year-round use, as it is weatherproof.
  • Quick and easy to set up, so you can have it up and running the same day.
  • It has many timer and different functional settings, based upon personal needs.
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The system can be set up anywhere and used year-round. It has a front, digital reading-area, so you can easily see the monitor, and monitor what is happening around the chicken coop even when you aren’t there.


There aren’t many advanced settings. Because you are paying a lower price for this unit, in comparison to some of the more advanced options, you don’t get as many features. It works easily and functions well for most coops. But, if you want advanced, or the best technological advancements which are available, you are going to have to pay for a higher priced model in order to get those advanced functions for use.

3. Auto Door - The Best Money Can Buy

For those who desire highly-advanced, this is it. This door is extremely easy to set up and operate. There are no electric cords, doors, or outlets needed, in order for you to operate the system.

Some features include:

  • It is quick and easy to set up, and use with any chicken coop.
  • It is a weatherproof unit, which means you can use it anywhere, and use it year-round.
  • It has a 30-year reliable track-record, so you know you are getting the highest quality, most advanced systems.
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There is virtually no need to go through complex set up or lengthy instructions. No need for outlets or costly systems to set up the new doors. Video installation guides and complete instructions direct you through the entire process.


This is one of the pricier models you are going to find when choosing an auto chicken coop door opener. There are different timer settings, and options you can choose from. It is more advanced than most units on the market, but with higher-quality, you are also going to pay a premium price for this system, when you choose to set it up on your coop doors.

4. Cheeper Keeper - Quirky #1

No electric outlets needed; your new doors run on AA batteries. The stainless-steel doors are durable, and are weather-proof, so you can set them up anywhere, and you can use them the entire year safely.

Some features include:

  • The ability to customize and fit to most chicken coops quickly and easily.
  • They are UV protected, and covered with seals, to ensure full protection of your investment.
  • The ability to set auto timers, depending on when you want the doors to operate.
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The doors are easy to install, with full instructional videos and guides. There is a 60 second open and close window, which you can modify, making the coop safer, and allowing you more access time when it is needed.


The doors run on battery power, so if they die, so will your doors. You can operate them on solar panels, but this is going to greatly increase the cost of installing new auto coop doors. These doors are also much higher in price, than traditional coop doors, so might be limited to certain individuals who can afford the higher cost and maintenance.

5. Chicken Guard - Quirky #2

Highly efficient, LED backlit panel, and easy to operate door opener, are some features which make this a top choice for those who want to invest in auto chicken coop door openers for their chicken coops.

Some features include:

  • Integrated timers and LUX settings, make them compatible with any door system.
  • Backlight, so you can operate the coop doors, and modify settings, even in dark conditions.
  • An easy to use, touchpad for operation.
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These doors can function in temperatures up to -20 degrees F. So, even in the coldest regions, you can rely on the quality and functionality of your auto chicken coop door system. Door closed indicator is visible for up to 100 yards, so you can operate them from inside the home easily and efficiently.


You do have to manually control the doors from the dash-panel. You can set different timers and alerts; however, they are limited in nature, and only allow for certain marks (30, 60 second options). The system can only operate with coop doors which weigh up to 8 pounds, so for some commercial farms, this might not be a system which is going to work.


  1. Auto Settings

    Not only timers and the ability to modify when doors open and close, but also the ability to set reminders, change dates or times, and otherwise operate the chicken coop doors more efficiently. The more options and ability to choose or modify the settings there are, the more efficient the coop door opener is going to be.

  2. Reminders

    Like other automatic systems, you want something which has monitors and alarms. Which will remind when to do something, when to go outside, or when to change the timer/setting. many systems will have auto-alerts or other advanced features to help you when working in a chicken coop. When choosing your auto door openers, look for these functions and advancements, to help make your job easier.

  3. Timing the doors

    Not a timer of when to open the doors, but the actual speed at which the doors will open. This is beneficial if you are carrying several items in the coop, or if you want to prevent danger (other animals entering) the coop, which you can’t stop yourself. Many door openers will allow you to adjust this setting, so consider it when choosing the auto openers.

  4. Functionality

    Consider how easy it is to use, whether you can pair it with a smartphone, or use it from multiple locations. You are purchasing this for the functionality and the convenience. So, you might as well look for something that is extremely functional, and very easy for you to set and use at the chicken coop.

  5. Material/finish

    You obviously want something that is easy to maintain and won’t break down on you. So, yes, material quality and design are important factors for you to consider as well. Compare various systems, their quality, reviews, and functions, so that you can choose the best auto opener, and one which is going to make your life easier when you are working in the chicken coop.


Why invest in an auto opener?

For convenience, mobility, and even safety. If you have animals lurking around, you can easily keep them out with an auto coop door opener. You can modify and adjust the settings easily, which will ensure optimal safety for your chickens, and will allow you to easily and quickly gain access to the chicken coop.

How does the system work?

Most will operate via wi-fi or Bluetooth compatibility. So, when choosing the auto coop door opener, make sure you know how it operates, how it will run (via internet connection), and whether or not you can change the settings to operate the chicken coop door opener differently.

Can I control it with my smartphone?

Like other devices of this nature, many will have an app you can download on your phone to use. If so, you will simply have to download the app, and set it up. From there, you can open and close the doors, change timers, change settings, and so forth. Consider choosing a system which allows you to modify or use the automatic door opener in the most efficient manner, and from anywhere you want to control it.

Does it work with other openers?

Most will work with wi-fi compatibility. So, as long as you can connect with a wireless connection, and can set up the auto door openers, it should function with most chicken coop door systems.

How much does it cost?

It will depend on the brand, the features, and customization options. Depending on how you plan on using the coop door opener, and how you want to set the open/close mechanisms, some systems are obviously more advanced than others. So, before you purchase one, make sure you compare them, and find one which will operate in the manner you intend to use it in.

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