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Things to consider when buying adult training wheels, including features, faq's and reviews of top products.

Training wheels aren’t only for children. Some adults who have never learned how to ride a bike, might need them. Or, if you simply haven’t ridden in 20 + years, you might have a hard time getting back on a bike. Adult training wheels are going to work in a similar fashion to training wheels for kids. The main difference? They go on an adult-sized bike.

There are various types of adult training wheels. Therefore, understanding how they work, how they are intended to help you learn to ride, and how long to use them, are a few of the factors to consider in choosing a pair for your bike. Ultimately you want to ride without them, but when you need some help to get going initially, the training wheels can provide a great boost and incentive for the adult-rider.


As the name implies, with adult training wheels you are going to learn how to ride your bike, as an adult. They are simply intended to be used to help you balance. Ultimately, you are going to do the pedaling, the pushing, and you are using the wheels, to help stabilize you, when you feel uncomfortable on different trails or rides.

Who should use the wheels? Any adult who has an injury might benefit from the training wheels. Those who haven’t ridden in several years might use them to reacclimate onto the bike. Or, those who are simply learning how to ride for the first time, as an adult, might choose to rely on adult training wheels, to give them the much-needed boost, when they are apprehensive about getting onto the bike.

Of course, there are various brands, sizes, and styles of training wheels for adults. Therefore, you have to understand how each will work. Therefore, the features, the design, size, and other factors, should be taken into consideration, in choosing the set of adult training wheels to affix to the back of your bike.

1. Childhood - The Highest Rated

Although the name brand might dictate they are for kids, these training wheels are adjustable and variable, so they can be fitted onto adult bikes as well. You can train with your kids and own one set of training wheels.

Some features include:

  • Ease of adjustment, based on your height, and the size of your bike.
  • Ease of setup. No major connection or tools needed when installing them.
  • Variable size, so you can put them on kids or adult-sized bikes.
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The training wheels easily affix onto the back of any bike. They are adjustable, you can easily place them on the back wheels, and you can place them on nearly any type of bike frame, depending on the type of riding you plan on doing.


They do adjust, however only between 16’’ to 20’’. So, you can use them on kid or adult bikes, but there are limits on how many bikes they’ll fit onto. These training wheels are easy to put on the bike, but they might require additional tightening before you begin riding, so this might be a safety concern for some riders who are new to biking.

2. Bike Hard - The Cheapest

If you seek affordability, and easy to use training wheels, you’ll find it here. These training wheels can adjust from 20’’ up to 26’’, so even different sized bikes, based on height needs, can use these training wheels when learning to ride.

Some features include:

  • BMX, off-road, trek, and other bikes can use the training wheels.
  • They simply attach with included nut-bolt set, for ease of installation.
  • Adjust from 20’’ up to 26’’, for taller frames.
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The set has steel bearings, so you know they are high-quality and won’t come apart while you are riding. They are easy to apply onto and install on any bike, so you can start riding and training in a matter of minutes upon installing them.


They are a little cheaper than alternative training wheel sets. This might result in rusting, poor craftsmanship, or faster wear. If you are going to use the training wheels extensively, you might also want to apply different coats or protective lubricant, in order to avoid rusting, or to help ensure they won’t get worn down when riding on different road surfaces or trail riding you will do.

3. Bike USA - The Best Money Can Buy

The stabilizer set is intended to help you stay on track, stay on the bike, and avoid falling or tilting, when you are riding on different trails. Solid construction and ease of installation are a couple selling points.

Some features include:

  • They can mount most bikes 24’’ to 27’’.
  • You simply place it over the rear-wheels, and the stabilizer affixes onto the frame.
  • They include the 16’’ wheels for stabilization.
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  • The stabilizer base is fully adjustable, to fit nearly any bike.
  • It is easy to install.
  • The system can easily be adjusted onto different types of riding bikes, for riders of all levels who are learning to ride as an adult.

A high price tag, might make this option one which not all riders can afford. And, as you are only going to use it for a short time, it might be a high-cost investment many are not willing to make. It is adjustable, but only for 3’’ disparities, so you are also going to be limited on the type of bikes you can use the stabilizer set on, and the height of certain bikes it will fit onto.

4. EVO Mobility - Quirky #1

If you seek more mobility, freedom of movement, and more control while you are trying to learn how to ride as an adult, these are a few of the benefits you will realize, the moment you put the stabilizer on your bike.

Some features include:

  • Full stabilization. Simply place on your bike, and balance is achieved.
  • 5 mm steel plate construction is durable, and won’t wear down with continued use.
  • Quick-release with equipped brake-design, allows you to learn quickly and improve as a rider in less time.
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The stabilizer base is very easy to install. There is a weight limit, however at 265 pounds, most riders are going to be able to use this on their bike. And, it is fully adjustable, so can fit nearly any adult bike you own and want to use the training wheels with.


You are obviously relying on the training stabilizer system. So, if you are not mindful of working to improve, you are going to find that you are only going to improve in small amounts, and it will take longer to learn how to ride when using the stabilizer.

5. Cycling Deal - Quirky #2

Fully adjustable wheels are not only easy to place on the bike, but will work with all adult sized-bikes. If you are new to riding, haven’t ridden in years, or simply want to regain balance following an injury, this is the solution to your problems.

Some features include:

  • Extra-heavy duty to fit adult frames.
  • Adjustable to fit 20’’ up to 29’’ bike frames, so it is compatible with most adult bikes.
  • Can be adjusted to fit nearly any adult-frame bike.
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The stabilizer offers more mobility, free movement, and makes riding easier for most adults. It will help with balance, help you avoid falling, and also help you stay on track, if you have a hard time riding in a straight line, as you are just learning how to ride as an adult.


The set is rather expensive. It is made of a reinforced steel-frame, so it is not as sturdy as a few other material options. The installation is fairly easy. However, unlike a few other sets, it does require the use of assembly tools, so it might take a little longer for you to install the new stabilizer on your bike, before you can get to riding.


  1. Width

    Remember, these wheels are intended to give you balance and stability. So, you should go with something that is wider in width. A 16’’ to 20’’ frame, or width of the tire size, is a good point to start. Of course, your bike, and your experience in riding, will also modify the specific needs you are going to have, when choosing training wheels for your bike as an adult.

  2. Depth

    Deeper tread-depth is a nice feature as well. Especially riding in sand, dirt, or muddy areas, they will give you more stability and traction. So, you will feel more comfortable digging, and pushing deeper, without worrying about whether or not you are going to fall when you are on tougher riding trails.

  3. Stability

    You are obviously buying the training wheels for a purpose. So, look for something which is stable, will properly affix to your bike, and will work in tandem with you, while you are learning how to ride as an adult, or simply need a little push to help you get going on a tougher trail or new bike.

  4. Compatibility

    This is especially true if you want something more affordable. Top brands are costly. So, if you go with a generic set of training wheels, you want them to be compatible with any bike you own. Depending on the type of bike, you might have to buy a certain kind of wheel. Compare several options to find those which will fit on your bike.

  5. Variable

    Adjustable wheels can go on both kids and adult-sized bikes. So, if you are learning with your child, or have kids at home, look for something that is variable, can be adjusted, and can fit onto any bike you plan on putting the training wheels onto. This will not only allow you to save money but also eliminate the need to have several sets of training wheels lying around the house, when you need them for a short period of time while you are learning to ride.


Who should use training wheels?

If you are a first-time rider, an adult who never learned to ride, or if you are getting back after an injury, they might benefit you. Depending on your skill level, or if you are simply afraid to try out a trail, if you are new to riding, adult training wheels can give you the much-needed boost to get going.

How do they work?

They are similar in fashion to training wheels for kid-bikes. They go on the back of a bike, and they basically stabilize you, when you turn, or if you are about to fall off the bike. They are going to provide you the balance you don’t have, and improve your coordination, if you are new to riding bikes, or are scared to try on a new bike.

Are they expensive?

A set of training wheels for adult bikes might run between $50-$100. However, you can also find cheaper or more expensive options. Depending on quality, the type of bike you own, and the brand of the training wheels chosen, there are several options from which you can choose when investing in new training wheels for your bike.

What size bikes are they for?

The training wheels are specifically designed for adult-sized bikes. Therefore, they are larger, and intended for a bike an adult, not a child would ride. Depending on your bike, there might be a few options you can purchase for your specific needs.

Do I need training wheels?

No. However, they can provide you the incentive, the balance, and guidance you don’t have, if you are new to riding as an adult. Or, if you are coming back from injury, they can also help with balance, or help you stabilize your base, until you regain the confidence to get back on the bike without the wheels.

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